Lake Privileges:

Lake privileges (boating, fishing, pumping lake water onto your lawn) are available only to Northwood Lake lot owners who have paid their annual assessment and Nonresident members.  No one else has lake privileges.  Specific rules are as follows:

1.  The fish limit is as per State of Alabama Law.  Based on fish studies, this limit will be adjusted as to size and limit with Lake Chair recommendation and Lake Committee approval.

2.  Jug, limb, and trotline fishing and fishing with gill nets is prohibited.

3.  All fishermen ages 16 and over must have a valid Alabama State Fishing License.

4.  NWLHOA members may extend fishing privileges to guests, but only when the member or a member of his/her household is present.

5.  All boats must display a Northwood Lake decal having a registration number.  Decals can be acquired by all persons having paid their annual assessment by calling the number listed on the website. 

6.  Only electric trolling motors may be used on boats.

7.  Sailboats are allowed on the lake.

8.  All boats kept in the NWLHOA maintained access areas must be moored in the water or on NWLHOA moorings.  Storage on land is not permitted as grass mowing equipment has priority.

9.  Boats may not be launched at the dam.  Trailer-launched boats must be launched only at the west side or the east side boat ramps.

10.  Leaves and other debris are not to be dumped or blown into the lake.

11.  Before being launched into Northwood Lake boats will be thoroughly washed to remove vegetation and contaminants from other water sources.

12. No parking on the dam is allowed at any time.  Parking is available on each end of the dam.

13. No fish cleaning on NWLHOA property.

14. No alcoholic beverages on NWLHOA property.

15. No animals (duck, geese, etc.) will be released on common properties of NWLHOA or onto properties where such animals may affect NWLHOA properties.

16. No fish from any other bodies of water or aquariums will be introduced into Northwood Lake without NWLHOA Board of Directors approval.

17. Absolutely no fish habitat enhancement structures will be added to Northwood Lake without NWLHOA Board of Directors approval.

18. Construction of docks, piers, boat houses, seawalls or any other structures in Northwood Lake must be approved by the NWLHOA Board of Directors.

19. It is against the law to release contaminants into Northwood Lake.  Incidences will be reported to here.

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Pool Rules and Information:

               Pool Season Hours:                    
            2018 Pool season hours TBA

Pool rules:

 ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol, smoking or pets allowed at the pool

Children under 16 must pass a swimming test to be allowed in water greater than 5 ft (including use of the diving board.) 

 Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older.) 

Some children come to the pool with their babysitter, which is fine. If your babysitter is younger that 18 years old, you may petition the pool committee for an exemption.

Small children must wear snug fitting non disposable swim diapers in the pool, especially if they are not fully potty trained.  This decreases the chance of an accident in the pools, which would necessitate closing the pool for proper cleaning and disinfecting.  

 Lifeguards on duty are responsible for safety within the pool enclosure. Their authority includes correcting any swimmers who break the rules.

The Pool Committee sets specific usage rules that must be followed.  If you have any concerns or issues feel free to contact one of the following committee members: Calvin Jones (205-310-0989) Taylor Watson (205-345-8412)

Guest fees are $5. Limit of 4 guests per family. After 4th guest, guest fee increases to $10 per person. The only exceptions to guest limit are out of town guests. Please sign your guest in A Northwood Lake member must accompany guests.  Northwood Lake residents may not use the pool as guests.
New for the 2018 season, is a guest pass. Guest passes will cost $50 and will be good for one “free” guest entrance with a member each day. Guest passes, will allow members to bring a guest to the pool without having to pay the $5 guest fee. When signing in at the pool, simply show your guest pass card to the lifeguard. Each household may purchase as many guest passes, they would like. Each pass covers up to one guest per day. To purchase a guest pass, contact Stephanie McMurtrie by phone at 205-482-8057 or email at 

 Guest passes will be mailed out before the season starts and can be purchased at the concession stand once 

Also the pool committee is looking for new members, if interested in helping our neighborhood please contact Brooke or Stephanie 

The pool is available for private parties.
 Residents with recreation membership or non-resident with pool membership.

 Resident Fee  is $125, for a 2 hour rental, plus a $25 lifeguard fee, totaling $150.00

For everyone else, the fee is $185, for a 2 hour rental, plus a $25 lifeguard fee, totaling $210.00

For both residents and non residents there is an additional $25 lifeguard fee for parties over 25 people

Parties may be scheduled evenings on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

or Saturday morning 8:00 am to 10:00 am

The entire payment of $150 or $210 is due for all reservations in advance and will be refunded for cancellations."
Pavilion rental fee with a pool party $20 resident, $30 non resident (these costs would be added to the cost of a pool rental) rental would last for the 2 hour duration of the pool party.

Pavilion rental fee without pool party rental $30 resident, $40 non resident. 2 hour rental

If you would like to schedule a party, please contact the pool manager, Brooke Freeman at 205-614-1832

Please note that in order to secure a party time, you will need to sign a pool party agreement, and pay the total party rental fee.