President’s comments:

Open Letter to Northwood Residents and Prospective Residents:

Dear Neighbor:

                Northwood Lake is such a wonderful place to live.  The beautiful setting, the convenience, the wonderful neighbors, excellent schools, plus many other tangible and intangible values make Northwood Lake a residential location of choice.  Whether you have been a resident for 40+ years or are a newcomer we should all have a common goal, “Keep Northwood Lake Beautiful”.

                Each person needs to do their part. You ask - what can I do? First:  Do not litter, and if you see where someone has been negligent, please pick up the stray paper, drink cups, beverage cans and dispose of them properly. Second:  Keep your lot, so it has eye appeal. Keep the grass cut, driveways and walks trimmed and clean, shrubbery neat and trimmed, lot lines clear of overgrowth and rubbish.  Third: Do not park cars, trucks, boats, trailers, and motor homes on the lawn.  If we all do our part we will continue to enjoy the excellent property values Northwood is known for.

                Your homeowners association maintains the common areas, walking trail, recreational facilities, and the lake. The yearly assessments paid by us (lot owners) fund, in total, the maintenance, replacements, and all new facilities.  The Board of Directors has plans and ideas for added facilities, improvements of the existing facilities and grounds, but it must be able to finance them before they can become a reality.  Are you a 2018 member or are you only enjoy the benefits provided by others? If each lot owner would stake these plans by investing as a participating paid member (less than $3.00 per week) you would see positive returns on your money by increased property values.  Sound too good to be true – just give it a try and in time you will see the difference.

                A great deal of the work accomplished by the homeowners association is made possible by volunteers.  We ask you to consider becoming a volunteer.  It is a good place to meet new friends, aid in the work of the association and to help make Northwood a nicer, friendlier, more beautiful community. Just let us know your interest – at or P. O. Box 284, Northport, AL 35476.  Your indication of interest will be acknowledged.

                Remember the Board of Directors is elected by the membership to serve the membership.  Your suggestions, comments, and volunteerism will always be respected and appreciated. 


Your Board of Directors
Northwood Lake Homeowners Association