Your Board Members...

 Local School info:

Faucett Vestavia Elementary School

Collins Riverside Middle School

Tuscaloosa County High School


Your Representatives and more contact info

District 4 Councilman: Robby Davis

District 3 Councilman: Rodney Sullivan

City Administrator: Bruce Higginbotham- 339-7000 x 237

Director of Planning & Inspections: Scott Stephens-339-7000 x 243

Zoning Administrator: Julie Ramm- 339-7000 x 235

Code Enforcement officer: Jason McKinney-339-7000 x 232 

After hours, weekends, and holidays for water,sewer and street  emergencies- 333-3017
For more information go to:
 CITY OF NORTHPORT                              

Local Utilities:

Alagasco (800) 292-4008

Alabama Power (800) 888-2726

Northport Water Authority (205) 339-7024  Billing office

Garbage & Curbside waste (leaves, branches, and big items)  Wednesday

Michael Gray
3301 Ontario Dr

Danny Hicks

Marilynn Jacobs

Calvin Jones

Stephanie McMurtrie

Mandy Thomas
4605 Dove Creek Ave

Taylor Watson
5305 Northwood Lake Dr. W

Whenthe Northwood lake community was established, a Constitution and Bylaws were created, which require oversight by a Board of Directors. Over the years, hundreds of our neighbors have volunteered their time to help, with their hard work and our assessments, they have made Northwood Lake one of the nicest neighborhoods in the state.
And remember 100% of our money goes right back into our neighborhood, The Board of Directors does not receive nor dispense money, all money is handled by the CPA firm.

If anyone has any questions,PLEASEcall or email us, we certainly want to hear your input.

Remember, most of the work accomplished by the homeowners association is made possible by volunteers. Please consider becoming a volunteer.

Dave Bayer
4905 Northwood Lake Dr W

Shannon Butson
4610 Northwood Lake Dr. E

Patty Cosby

Daniel Dickens
205 239-4244

Michele Erdman
3309 Mayberry Landing Dr

Brooke Freeman
205 614-1832