Welcome to  Northwood Lake!
Alabama's Most Unique  Neighborhood  

​The Playground is here!!!
Late last year, our neighbor Mandy Thomas realized our old playground area, was in definite need of a upgrade, so she started planning for an exciting new playground. I don’t think she realized how much time it would take or how much work it would involve, but she knew she would need some help so she contacted fellow Northwood Lake neighbor Matt & Brooke Freeman.  To Northwood Lake’s good fortune Matt is the welding teacher for the local school system and Matt realized a perfect opportunity to help out his students and his neighborhood at the same time!

The NWLHOA was looking into replacing our outdated playground, and we had looked into purchasing some new items, but pre
fab playground equipment was expensive to the tune of $25,000!

Step in Mandy & Matt, they come up with a plan, set up meetings, and with the help of several other of our NWL neighbors removed the old playground. Mandy started a committee to help offset some of the cost
by holding several fundraisers during the summer.  And you all responded in great numbers! We raised $5,000 towards the new equipment.

 Let’s give a big   shout out to everyone that donated!

As Mandy and her group were planning & holding fundraising events, Matt and his students were hard at work building our playground equipment. This partnership between the local school, the students and Northwood Lake, gave valuable practical experience to the students, and saved our neighborhood well over $15,000. Plus with the fundraising group’s hard work, they saved our general fund another $5,000.

Well in October, all that hard work paid off when, with the help of McAbee Construction, our brand new playground equipment was delivered and installed. And it looks fantastic!  

Come by and say thanks!

Saturday November the 11th stop by the playground area at 11:00am, and take a few minutes to thank everyone that worked so hard to make our wonderful new playground equipment.

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